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MD: Get high quality premium butter made of 100% sturgeon caviar online. Premium grass-fed New Zealand butter available for the best price. Buy the best butter here.


100% Real Caviar Premium Butter – Caribou Lakes

Looking for premium butter? Ultra premium caviar butter is simply the best butter that consists of roe from the wild sturgeon living in the Black and Caspian Sea. Using 100% Sturgeon Caviar, we have come up with the premium quality butter that is prepared with a lot of care to give you its wholesome benefits.

The Process

Caviar is a delicacy in itself that consists of roe from the sturgeon that inhabits the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. The roe is further processed to give a delicate malossol accent to it, which is a mild salty flavor. We also have a second variety of caviar butter mildly flavored with rosemary.

Sophisticated Premium Butter

Caribou Lakes proudly presents high quality premium caviar butter, which is also the best butter associated with sophisticated and aristocrat gourmands. We present to you 2 distinct variety of this premium butter – Caviar Butter TM & Caviar Butter TM with Rosemary. Both these butter have distinct taste and flavor, which makes it a part of some of the finest dining destinations in the world.

Choose premium butter from Caribou Lakes for its pleasant flavor, fragrance, and distinct taste. We make caviar butter affordable for everyone to try to taste this amazing organic butter. 

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